The Legacy Scholars program provides scholarships for undergraduate university students to be used for the academic year. Students at all levels of the university are eligible to receive the scholarship.The creation of this program is a solution that addresses the issue of institutional education, and encourages Congolese girls to think differently about how they can build their legacies by obtaining an education.

The aims of the Legacy scholarship is to provide Congolese girls an outlet in which they can invest and advance their “own” legacies through scholastic endeavors. The Legacy scholarship emphasizes the importance of educating Congolese girls as a first step in empowering her to a better future with better choices. Empowerment to Progress is our motto.

Scholars are also required to engage in a community project or initiative in their respective community throughout their year(s) as Legacy Scholar recipients. Involvement in the program will encourage and empower scholars to view legacy building differently and to use education as a tool of change not just in their lives but of their families, and the community at large.

The legacy scholars program is powered and supported through generous donations and sponsorships. Even $1 matters, and sponsoring a student in Congo per semester or per year is even more GREAT! 100 % of the donations and sponsored financial assistant is awarded to the scholars. 80% of donations are given priority to legacy scholars in DR Congo and 20% to those in the United States. Semesters/Annual sponsorships are 100% distributed to legacy scholars in DR Congo.

USA Legacy Scholars

United States Legacy Scholars profile exists as a mechanism to encourage Congolese Girls in the United States to take advantage of the scholastic opportunities offered in the United States at the college level. We work with girls and women of all ages entering college because we believe that education is essential for their success in American society and elsewhere. The average fees at an American University may vary between 12,000-45,000 per year, and is highly dependent on individual/family income, financial aid, and whether or not the institution is a public or private institution. We understand the cost of education may discourage many, but we are here to also make aware of opportunities that may assist in financing education, and be a part of a system that alleviate some anxieties. As Legacy scholars students are able to use the funds for traveling expenses for scholarly conferences, books, and other university expenses. As Legacy scholars they are also exposed to many networking opportunities, connections, and gain lifelong mentorship, connections and friends.

DRC Legacy Scholars

The challenge for Congolese girls and women starts at primary school and the stakes are driven higher as they attain more education. For example, only between 30-35% female students attend the University of Kinshasa, and we want to change that.  And for both males and females, it is openly known that the most common reason secondary graduates do not go into higher education is due to lack of funding. To make lasting change we have first make sure that there is a system in place that will assist them in attaining higher education and allowing them to pursue their educational ambitions. As Legacy scholars not only do they receive financial assistance but also through the program they are able to gain lifelong mentorship, connections and friends.

Attaining a higher education at an institution such as University of Kinshasa, University of Lubumbashi, University of Goma, and the Académie des Beaux-Arts costs between $200-$800. 

In order to be a Legacy scholar, the following requirements should be met:

1. Recipients must be a Congolese native by birthright.

2. Recipients must enroll in CGU’s Centorship program ( Our Congolese inspired mentorship program)

3. Must receive an invitation to apply by mail, phone, or email.

4. Be enrolled or plan to enroll in a university; MUST remain enrolled to keep the scholarship status.

5. Provide record of good standing throughout the year as a recipient.

6. Submit application by June 30th of each year for both DRC and USA, to be considered for the program.  Student must provide proof of school transcripts each year they receive the scholarship before they are awarded the next.


Legacy applications are by invitation/Recommendation. The Legacy application will be evaluated based on:

  1. Individual determination

  2. Future ambitions

  3. Self-motivation in the face of adversity

  4. Leadership abilities

  5. Commitment to community service and engagement

This application is only accessible to those with the code. Please have the code you received with your invitation ready.

Submit OR Recommend a candidate to be considered for the scholars program.                 


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