In under 50 seconds of a google search, the first 10 result(s) are more than likely to consist of language showcasing Congolese women as carriers of the world's the rape legacy. And no, it does not get better after that. The world has created a perception of a Congolese woman’s identity being synonymous to rape  or violence when in reality that is not all that encompasses who we are. Our goal is to work towards the change of that image and those perceptions, because we believe that Congolese women (WE), deserve better.


Yes, Congolese women have and continue to face incredible challenges, violence, and poverty. But those are realities with so much historical and cultural context especially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


And while we experience all of that, it does not mean it is all that defines us. What’s more courageous is the strong will we have to rise despite what challenges and conditions we are put through whether it is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or in the many diasporic communities.


As important it is to be aware of the hardships we face, it is also important to highlight the successes and the many positive contributions we bring to our communities and the global world. For so long we only hear of the negative or nothing at all pertaining to the contributions of Congolese women. It is time to start changing that.


Every Congolese child male or female deserves to see success and driven stories about Congolese women not just stories of victimhood. We need to change the narrative that has defined the Congolese women for decades, so that when someone googles "Congolese women", rape  or victim of violence, is not the only picture that is painted of us, because we know we are so much more.

As an organization we aim to empower Congolese girls and women, and are driven to change the narrative of the Congolese women in the media and our communities.

#CONGOLESEGIRLMAGIC is an online campaign recognizing Congolese girls and women GLOBALLY engaged in progressive engagements in their respective communities and professional lives that promote and exude positive images of  CONGOLESE GIRL/WOMEN.

 We are changing the narrative, one woman, one girl, one story at a time.
Everyone should work to ensure that Congolese women are shined in their fullest light. Please, Nominate a Girl or Woman TODAY and be a part of those CHANGING THE NARRATIVE. 
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