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Create an Online Fundraiser for Congo Girls United

STEP 1: Visit on your computer or mobile app.

STEP 2: Click “+Raise Money”

STEP 3: Set a realistic goal for your fundraiser and an end date for your fundraiser.

Your fundraiser can be tied to a specific project/program such as the Legacy Scholarship Program or Bana Mboka. etc.

STEP 4: Tell your friends why you are raising money for Congo Girls United. The more personal your story, the more people are willing to connect and give, so let’s get personal.

STEP 5: Pick a cover photo – You may use the images from CGU’s Facebook gallery, or add your own.

STEP 6: Click “Create” to start your fundraiser and share it with your friends!

STEP 7: Let us know about your fundraiser and we will feature you on our social medias.

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